Aww! Your next pet could be a ‘potcake pup’

Post date: Mar 30, 2013 7:30:2 PM

An article written by TodayShow and MSNBC

Elizabeth Sunshine was rushing to the airport in Newark, N.J. She had a date to meet her new baby in person for the very first time, and she was running late.

The baby’s couriers — a friendly couple from Connecticut — waited patiently, and when Sunshine arrived they handed her a small, squirmy, squishy black puppy named Wilma.

Wilma’s journey had been anything but ordinary. Known as a “potcake dog,” she began her life without anyone to look after her on the streets and beaches of the Caicos Islands. Potcake Place, a dog-rescue organization based on the island of Providenciales, went to great lengths to connect Wilma with a good home in the United States, and also made arrangements for the vacationing tourists from Connecticut to fly Wilma all the way to her new owner.

“All the people involved in this whole process are just wonderful, wonderful people,” said Sunshine, 47, of Kinderhook, N.Y. “They’re serious about giving these dogs forever homes.”.......

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