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Potcake Place Rescue Centre

Potcakes puppies are rescued from around the islands of the Turks & Caicos. 

Puppies are brought into Potcake Place Rescue Center when they are found as strays, rescued by our volunteers or when they are surrendered to our care.

Litters of puppies, as well as individual pups, are often found wandering the streets. They may be found by tourists while they are out exploring, or by locals in their backyard or while working on construction sites. What is a Potcake?

Our team of volunteers assess, clean, bathe, medicate and feed the newcomers.

The puppies need help through each of their three steps to being part of a new forever family:  Foster, Courier and Adopt.

Puppies are first fostered on island through our network of trusted foster parents. Once we are confident that puppies are healthy and free from disease they are put up for adoption. We work very hard to find loving and forever homes for all our pups. 

Once a suitable home and family has been found, the puppy needs to get there!….that’s where our network of couriers come in!  

Believe it or not potcakes can travel as hand luggage on flights out of Providenciales! 

Potcak puppues at foster home


At any time we have from 50 - 100 puppies in foster homes across the island. We rely on volunteers to take puppies into their homes. 

Do you feel that you can provide the love and attention that these puppies desperately need?  Find out more about our foster care system.

Adopted Potcake puppy


Once puppies have been fostered and we are confident that they are healthy, they are put up for adoption.  

Are you ready for this new chapter in your life? Let's discuss the pros and cons of pet ownership and adoption. 

Potcake Place puppy being couriered


Being a courier involves overseeing the delivery of a puppy or an older dog whilst it is transported by air to its new parents. 

Most adoptions actually go to families who are not currently visiting the TCI, therefore our couriers play an essential role in completing the adoption process.

Puppy walking on Grace Bay beach


Potcake Place is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. We often require help to bathe and socialise pups. Our socialization walks are a great way for each puppy to have new experiences and meet lots of people.

If you are in Providenciales then you can volunteer your time to walk pups.

Socialization walks at Potcake Place