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What is a puppy courier?

Once we’ve found a home for a puppy we need to get them there! 

Puppies can't fly on their own, so we need  volunteers  to take puppies on flights out of Providenciales (PLS). 

Being a courier involves overseeing the delivery of either a puppy or an older dog whilst it is transported by air to its new parents. A large proportion of our adoptions actually go to new homes to families who are not currently visiting the TCI, therefore our couriers play an essential role in completing the adoption process. 

Whether a pup or an older dog, being a courier is easy!  All the arrangements are made in advance by the Potcake Place team and...

Puppy being couriered

Couriers oversee the delivery of a puppy whilst it is transported by air to its new parents.

By simply carrying a soft-sided bag on to the plane, you can save a life and make a difference. We always need to find volunteers to carry pups to their new owners. 

We take care of everything and will cover all the paperwork and procedure prior to your departure.  We will also put you in contact with the pup's new family who will meet you at the destination airport.

Please note: not all airlines will allow checked in pets on international flights.  Southwest Airlines and Sun Country do not allow pets to travel in-cabin on international flights. 

Potcake puppy on flight

Whether a pup or an older dog, being a courier is easy!  

Puppy on plane from Turks and Caicos Islands

We truly appreciate our couriers, without them, we could not do what we do.


If you would like to help please complete the Courier form and provide your name and travel details. 

Your details will remain safe with us.

 We'll be in touch if there's a puppy going your way! 

Click the box to be taken to the application form. 

How does it work?

You will either pick up the pup from our adoption centre on the way to the airport  if convenient, or a volunteer will meet you at your resort prior to departure.  You will be given everything you and the puppy / dog needs for the journey; paperwork, pee pads, adopting family info etc. 

Whether you are couriering a puppy or an older dog, he / she will be in an approved airline animal carrier, appropriate for size and weight.  We will go over all the procedure and paperwork so there is no added stress to your departure. 

Puppies travel as 'carry-on'

If you are couriering a puppy, the carrier, similar to normal carry-on luggage, will go on the floor by your feet,  not in the overhead lockers. So make sure you don't book a front row or an exit row seat!

If you are couriering an older dog then the crate will go on as a 'checked pet'. This means the dog will be checked in with your own luggage and simply collected upon arrival at your destination/layover.

Puppies typically travel surprisingly well.  They should sleep the whole way. The animal will not have been fed in preparation for travelling so there shouldn't be any mess!  On occasion, and only for the benefit of the animal, a very mild sedative may be administered. Once airborne the puppy should sleep for the duration of the flight.

Puppy in an animal carrier

Puppies travel in approved airline animal carriers and go on the floor by your feet

On arrival

The new family will be at the airport arrivals lounge waiting for you and you'll both have each others' contact details. They are asked to have a sign with the animal's name on it so they can be clearly identified.  

If it happens that both family and courier live closer to each other than the airport, or if circumstances require it, then we can also arrange for you to rendezvous at a more mutually convenient location.

We truly appreciate our couriers, without them, we could not do what we do. 

Thank you

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Map of Potcake puppies to North America

Couriers play an essential role in completing the adoption process to North America