What we do at Potcake Place

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Potcake Place K9 Rescue is a registered not for profit charity in the Turks & Caicos Islands, staffed solely by unpaid Volunteers and funded solely by donations.

Potcake Place was started by Jane Parker-Rauw with the mission of reducing the number of homeless potcakes on the island.  We still hope that we can work with the government and local community to do so, but it is a continuing challenge. Until we achieve this goal, Potcake Place will continue to rescue and home potcake pups found on the island.

There is no animal shelter in the Turks and Caicos.  We look after these pups in our own homes until a permanent home can be found. Our policy is to house them for as long as it takes to find the best home. 

This is the only alternative we can see to them starving in the bush, being run over, intentionally poisoned, dying of heartworm, Ehrlicia, parvo or being euthanized. 

Rescue Potcake puppy

Strong volunteer team

Potcake Place is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. The volunteers and downright insane helpers, all do this for no pay, sometimes money out of their own pocket, long hours, sadness, heartbreak and utter joy. 

Our hardworking team tirelessly cleans the rescue centre, feeds and medicates the puppies, liaises with the public,  runs the shop, transport animals to the airport and hotels and everything else to improve the lives of these animals.

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Volunteer at Potcake Place

Working with vets and the wider community

We work with Vets to ensure that pups get their vaccinations, wormers and other treatments, and arrange health certificates for travel. 

If an adoption goes ahead, we help book the pup on the plane, and meet the families at the airport with their new pup. We also spend time finding volunteers to transport the pup if the family are not visiting the island. 

Stray Potcake dog

Caring foster homes

Foster parents look after pups in their own homes and provide them with the attention needed after not having human contact previously.  The transformation is amazing from a hungry, homeless puppy to an adoptable and loving pet.

Other helpers socialize puppies by taking them on beach trips. The volunteers in Potcake Place liaise with, meet and screen potential adoptive families to match pups with new homes.

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Rescue potcake puppy in cage
Potcake puppy rescue

Fluffy before

healthy potcake puppy

Fluffy after

Potcake dog at rescue center

Rangi before

Healthy potcake dog

Rangi after

How you can help

Remember that it is not only funds that can help the foster and adoption process, but time and resources. If you feel that you can help in any way please do get involved.

The Adoption Center is where you'll find dogs and dog lovers, as well as all things doggy for sale, including leads, collars, treats, toys, bandanas, collar covers, gifts, gimmicks and gadgets. Swing by to say hello!

Volunteer at Potcake place with puppy
Potcake Place K9 Rescue Presentation