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Socialization Walks

Another way to help our Adoption Center in Providenciales is to take a puppy for a walk! 

Our socialization walks are a great way to enable each puppy to have that crucial socialization time, to experience new sights, smells and meet lots of people. 

The puppies are all at different stages of their development and you can give them some special time to help them along their way. It might be a cuddle than a walk!

The process is first-come, first-served, and the number of dogs available varies depending on the day. 

Walkies only take place in the mornings as it gets hot out there. Afterwards, it is lunch and nap time.

Socialization Walks allow our puppies to become accustomed to being handled by new people and bumping into new situations along the way. Like most people, the puppies get bored staying inside all day and appreciate when lovely people take them out for some exercise.

Interested in adoption?

If you thinking of adopting you can meet the available pups at our rescue center and talk to our volunteers. 

The socialization walks are the ideal opportunity to get to know potcakes in general and also a puppy you might adopt.

Our puppy walks have become a popular activity for tourists visiting Provo in recent years. You, and an adorable puppy, get to walk on Grace Bay beach, voted the #1 best beach in the Caribbean! 

Wanna go walkies? 

Email us for more information or call +1 (649) 231 1010