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The Fight is on

posted May 6, 2013, 3:32 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated May 6, 2013, 3:32 PM ]
We received a call about a litter of 6 puppies here that were in desperate need of saving. A long time repeat visitor to the Islands had seen them and managed to bring them into the Vets and to us. They were starving and were covered in ticks, literally, covered. Any scrap of nutrition that they had managed to get from any bits of garbage they could find was immediately removed by all the ticks. They were bathed and our volunteers went at the task of carefully removing each and every tick. There must have been well over a hundred on each puppy.

We are really not sure if these little puppies, that are approx. ten weeks old will make it, but our volunteers are going all out to try and save them.

They are receiving medical care and most importantly love and attention.

Two of them in particular are in an atrocious state and just do not have the strength of inclination to feed themselves any more. So we are doing that for them. They started off flinching away from any attempt to cuddle their skeletal frames. But amazingly enough they are now trying to wag their tails when they see their foster Mom.

We will be updating this story.

Update 10 Nov 2006:

The girl died in her foster mom's arms just 48 hours after they had been brought home. Also, after two weeks of constant care and devotion, the tough decision was made to put one of the other little girls down. After extensive veterinary consultations, it was decided that she was just in too much pain to go on. The foster home was devastated.

Bruno, the little boy pictured above, began to thrive and is ready to go to his new home in Toronto. Ben, Bruno's brother, has also come so far and is ready to go to a new home.

Jimmy and Faith are still fighting on and we will keep you updated on their progress. We are not giving up on them.

Update 11 Nov 2006:

We are very pleased with how well Jimmy and Faith are coming along. We don't want to get our hopes up too much, but these puppies are so beautiful. They recently went on some day trips to the beach to meet some wonderful Potcake Place supporters that had returned on vacation. They had a wonderful time.

Paws crossed that they continue to thrive.

Meet the little boy 'Jimmy'

November 26th 2006: Jimmy has now jetted off to Florida. We are so happy that he is going to an amazing new home.

And the little girl 'Faith'

Faith is now on her own. She is the sweetest little girl, with the perfect mix of energy and calm. She has so much love to give.

December 2nd 2006: Faith is the last to leave, and has found her home in Philadelphia.

Four gorgeous pups came from nothing, and they have already touched all of our hearts. We will be following their success stories and taking heart from everything they do.