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Remember Sunshine

posted May 6, 2013, 3:29 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated May 6, 2013, 3:29 PM ]
A sad ending....

This baby girl was found by a couple potcake lovers near their house. She was nothing but skin and bones and had lost the will to eat. They called their friend, another potcake lover, who agreed to try to nurse her back to health if possible.

She spent the night at her foster moms house, and even in her state she managed to win everyone over, including a dog named Blue. Blue, a fellow potcake, was also once in her state when he was a he knew what it felt like to be where she is. Blue took care of the sick baby potcake all night. He laid with her, licked her head, and even moved her doggie bed (with her in it) from corner to corner so she could find the best place to rest.

The next morning the baby potcake was on her way to the vet. The foster mom was sure that she could be saved...she just needed alot of help. But what the vet told the foster mom was bleak. The puppy had barely any blood left in her body to keep living. All the fleas, ticks, ants and mosquitoes had drained it all away. He said the best thing for her was to be euthanized.

Her foster mom was crushed.....she spent only a day with this puppy but already had grown attached to this helpless creature. She begged for another option and the vet said the only thing that could save her was a blood transfusion. The chances were so slim and the cost was steep. Since the vet did not have any available canine blood in the clinic, the foster mom went back to her house to fetch Blue, the puppies new best friend. Blue donated his blood to try and save the puppies life.....The baby pup fought her little heart out during the transfusion...but half way through that same little heart stopped beating.

She died in the hands of someone, who knew her for only a few short moments, but loved her nonetheless....

She was named Sunshine....