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Potcakes on Construction Sites

posted May 6, 2013, 3:19 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated May 6, 2013, 3:20 PM ]
A thin, thirsty Potcake wandering around a construction yard- an every day occurrence on Provo. Busy workers, get on with what they are doing, as the Potcake searches for water and food, and finds scraps amidst the debris. A painful life.

When one person notices and thinks to make a life better, that is all it takes.

A caring lady saw that one Potcake needed more food and water than it was finding near where she worked. She left a water bowl out, and saw how much it was needed. The Potcake didn't ask for much, and just lay in the shade day in and day out, drinking the water and taking any food that was provided. She looked at the lady and her co-workers with a thankful face. She touched so many hearts in a short period of time that she became the company mascot and was named 'Molly Pearl'.

Upon a visit to the Vets, Molly Pearl was found to be suffering from Ehrlichiosis and Heartworm. She would have died a slow, painful death if no one had stopped to think. Instead, Molly Pearl got the treatment she needed, and enjoyed several months of loving human company. She began to smile with a Potcake smile and wag her tail every day when her family arrived for work. She had turned from a scared, starving Potcake, in to a happy family companion.

Molly Pearl gave more back than her new owners could have ever imagined. They had changed her life by providing her with food, water and love, and she changed their lives by being so thankful every day.

As she was more healthy, it was time for her to be spayed. Sadly, there were complications when she was found to be carrying four pups already. The Vet told the distraught owners that she would have died giving birth and that her babies would have also contracted the disease.

Her heart was not strong enough, and she passed away on September 13th 2006 at 9pm.

We will remember Molly Pearl and we thank those that took the time and made her happy in those few months. She was a lucky Potcake to have so many people who cared and will always remember her.

" She let us know every day that she was happy to be around."

This Potcake was given a name along with love and affection, and she died without suffering. All Potcakes deserve this dignity.