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Owners leaving Potcakes behind

posted May 6, 2013, 3:25 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated May 6, 2013, 3:25 PM ]
A small minority of Potcakes, form a pack to survive- as how else will they find the water, food and protection they need which comes from being in a group. The pack mentality then leads to problems.

Two volunteers were driving home and saw a pack of dogs, but they also saw that these were a group of 15 individuals. The more they looked, the more they saw- including collars on some, wounds on others. As they pulled over, to get out of the car to see if any of the 'pack' would come to them, the individuals dispersed in all directions, and the volunteers had to move on.

The next morning, one of the volunteers was driving back along the same road, and saw a Potcake on the side of the road, with a collar on. At first glance, she could have easily driven on, thinking that this was an owned Potcake sitting in his drive way. However, there was something familiar about this Potcake, and he looked sad and forlorn. She pulled over to see if she could read the tag, and then recognised it as one of the 'pack' from the night before. Getting out of the car, the Potcake looked at her with sad sad eyes, tail between his legs, but trying to wag at the same time.

Looking at the tag, this Potcake was a family pet and had been used to sleeping on a bed with his owner, and eating regular meals in a loving environment. His owner had left the       island several months before. His owner left his four adult dogs to fend for themselves. How can you imagine being loved one day and on the street the next with no means to feed yourself.

This Potcake let the volunteer carry him to her car, and put his head on her lap the whole way to the vets for a checkup. He is a loving dog who just wants security and cuddles. He found his second 'Chance'. Chance is now in foster care, and waits for a loving permanent home where he will be able to stay for all of his days.

We have to see the individual Potcakes, and save one at a time. They deserve more.

The alternative to leaving a Potcake behind:

28 Nov 2006 "The snow was up to her chest and she looked like an energiser bunny bouncing around. it was so fun to see her trying to lick, eat and chase after snowballs. She's having a great time up here so I can testify to potcakes adapting to wherever we chose to live with them."