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posted May 6, 2013, 3:44 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated Aug 7, 2019, 12:02 PM ]
All of these potcakes that are rescued and taken in to care are all looked after by dedicated foster parents that open up their homes and their hearts to these needy souls. The latest of these saved litters are now bouncing around their new foster home in an area of the Island known as Turtle Tail.

At first only a little boy was spotted and picked up. His rescuer named him "Tommy"
He is a beautiful little boy, who just wants to be where the people of the household are at all times. He goes to great lengths not to miss out of the maximum number of cuddles. Loving and very responsive. This is one little boy that you just can't ignore. A few days later four more of his family were spotted and scooped up.. A little more reserved then his other two Brothers, Owen and Tate. And the two Sisters:"Chere" and "Risa". They are about 6/7 weeks old and great fun to have around. 

UPDATE 13 Apr: These pups started running a temperature last week and were not thriving. We held back with them and realised that they could not find their forever homes until they were ready. Our volunteers worked with them through the nights to make sure they had the best chance and stayed hydrated, and the vets ran the tests for Parvo and Ehrlichia and all showed negative. They were given their second wormers and treatment for Coccidia (a condition which does not normally lead to complications).

Devastatingly, in the early hours of the morning, Risa, Owen and Tate passed away one by one, and Tommy couldn't fight on any longer earlier today. These pups were given names and were loved to the end, and we are glad they didn't have to fight alone in the wild.

The vet was shocked to discover that these pups died of Distemper. Distemper had not been seen previously on the island, and must have been brought in from an imported animal. The TCSPCA and Potcake Place now work together to vaccinate all of the Potcakes against this terrible disease.

Chere is the last survivor and we will stick by her and hope that she makes a full recovery. Please keep thinking about her.

UPDATE 17 Apr: Chere had a relapse today and couldn't fight on.

This was a tragedy for this litter, and we feel for everyone involved in their care.

All foster pups are kept for 21 days in foster care, and given two sets of vaccines prior to being able to be adopted. This minimises any risk of the pups developing distemper after being homed.