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posted Jun 30, 2020, 8:03 AM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated Jul 1, 2020, 7:15 PM ]


Available: currently in foster
Sex: Male
DOB: 27 March 2020
Likely fully grown size: ~40 - 60lbs
Coat: Reddish brown with white chin
Litter Name: R & R 7


Their mum is a stray dog being fed by someone in the community. She gave birth close to a building site so once the seven pups were six weeks old they were removed and raised at Potcake Place by our volunteers. 

The mum will be spayed if we can ever catch her!


Scooby is a cute, shy guy! He warms to you very quickly and grows in confidence. Likes attention and cuddles.

He is more confident around his siblings and has a more 'go with flow' kind of character.

He walks well on the leash, likes going out for walks to the beach and being with people. He loves to swim!

If you could give Scooby a home that he deserves, please let us know. Contact us