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Raffa and Coco

posted Jul 27, 2020, 10:54 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated ]
**Coco ADOPTED**
**Raffa ADOPTED**

Raffa and Coco

Available: currently at Potcake Place
Sex: Male (Raffa) and Female (Coco)
Age: 12 weeks
Likely fully grown size: ~40 - 60lbs
Coat: Tri colour, Raffa has white nose
Litter Name: Nadia 2/4

These pups were part of a litter of four from a yard dog.


Amazing duo - Raffa is spunky and has a great personality. He loves to chase the ball and show off his tricks. He sits on command and is very smart.

Coco, his sister, is a little more shy and reserved but tries to keep up with her brother. Her eye was injured when she was young - it made a remarkable recovery but she likely has limited peripheral vision.

Both are fine around other dogs and kids. They love the beach and like to frolic in the shallow water.

If you could give Raffa or Coco a home that they deserve, please let us know. 

Coco and Raffa (white nose)