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posted Aug 4, 2020, 8:17 PM by Jane PotcakePlace   [ updated Sep 26, 2020, 2:23 PM ]


Available: currently in Potcake Place
Sex: Female, spayed
Age: 1 year approx
Weighs: 35-40 lbs
Coat: Black coat and white chest and socks
Litter Name: The Peanut Special 1


Peanut was a stray dog that started hanging outside a Potcake Place volunteer's home. Each day she crept closer and eventually stopped for some food.

As she came closer it was obvious that she had an embedded collar around her neck. She had an infected wound which looked very sore and she had a cloud of flies was following her around.

The volunteer put a food trap out and managed to catch poor little Peanut. She was taken to the Vets and they treated her with antibiotics for the wound and removed the collar without surgery.  Whilst at the Vets she was spayed, saving her from a future of unwanted pregnancies. 

The next step is for her to recover her health after the spay and the collar sores. She is pretty much all better. She has been staying at Potcake Place and now is looking for a safe and loving forever home away from the streets.


Peanut is absolutely amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We love her. She is so willing to please humans. She loves her food. She will sit and give a paw for a tasty treat. 

Each day is becoming less shy with us. She is a sweet-hearted dog and never has shown aggression. She is just learning to relax and be around people after starting her young life on the streets. 

As she is a stray we have no idea what she has been through or how much love she has received but she is responding well to the kindness she has received.

She tested heart-worm positive and will need a course of treatment. Her new owner will have to understand there will be some medicine required.

During the recent tropical storm we faced here she stayed with a foster family in their home. She did not make a sound. She was mostly happy to sit in the crate with the door open but eventually came out and even made it onto the couch! 

We feel that her confidence will be greatly enhanced if she had a home with a fenced yard to go out and play in. The foster family is working with her but she is still afraid of the leash and harness but yet keeps going to the doors to go out. 

Her crate is her security but we feel that over time she will understand that she no longer has to worry about things. She is crate trained for sure.

Peanut will need an understanding and patient home. We are confident that with the right encouragement she will become a loving and sweet companion.

She also has a 'Potcake smile' and the sillier you talk to her the more she wiggles and wags her tail.

We do not know what she will be like with children or cats. She is getting along nicely with the dogs at her foster home and lover a game of tug of war. She loves doggie brother and sister. 
If you could give Peanut a home that she deserves, please let us know. 

Neck wound healing nicely

Peanut Video 3

Enjoying the air conditioning and clean crate

Recovering nicely at the Vets

Relaxing during the storm!

                            Peanut in the cage ready to go to the vets